About Alien America

Don’t take this blog seriously. Particularly not the posts filed under “My Whimsies”. The tagline says “creative misinterpretations” for a reason.

As we travel around the country, we see a lot of things that have interesting possible interpretations.

Photographs are mine or Kathy’s, real, and undoctored (aside from cropping) – unless I say otherwise in the post they are in. “Real” meaning that we did not make an effort to set up something fake, or ask anyone else to do so. If someone else is setting up something fake for their own reasons and we happen across it at a good moment, that’s close enough to real for the purposes of this blog – but if that ever happens my explanation of what’s going on is unlikely to match theirs anyway.

Geographic references, as far as they go, are fairly accurate.

The stories and descriptions are my own creation, often with Kathy’s help. Some underlying facts generally are real (as qualified above), but the additions and interpretations may diverge from reality demonstrate that I am absolutely bonkers.

If anything in this blog seems insulting to any real person, please be assured that such is not my intent.

I hope you find this entertaining.


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